Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm cool and oh so grateful. My A/C is humming along. And not even trying hard now.  Once the house is cool, I feel like if I just let it run even on low, I can stay ahead of the heat.

Neighbor Ann was in here yesterday. She has a ductless installed A/C unit which has a giant compressor on her terrace. She says she is only turning it on when she needs it. So she waits until the house gets really hot and then cranks it up. "I save energy that way."  I don't think so but I don't know for sure and don't care about her house so I kept my mouth shut.  She hasn't been in here in a while and I thought maybe we were over the BFF deal but turns out that was because she thought my visitors were still here.  So, it's back to locking the door.

Which is fine if that's what it takes to avoid stupid conversations. Yesterday, besides the a/c bit she was all braggy because she can still use Ron's handicapped parking sticker 'thank goodness'. She loves that thing almost as much as she loves telling me how much she uses it. I've remarked several times that not only is it illegal, it's pretty rude since she can walk just fine. "Maybe but I've earned the right to use it." Yesterday, in an effort to get rid of her, again... mouth shut. She doesn't listen anyway.

I did notice that she put one of her living room lamps down on the 'free shelf'. She tried more than once to get rid of them while Ron was alive but he liked 'em so no go.  She put a note on the one she left saying there were two more if someone wanted them.


Swimming was good this morning and not at all crowded. I had a lane to myself. It was lovely. I was starving when I got done. The only place I could think for for brunch that for sure was air conditioned, was Denny's so that's where I went. Nice, cool, breakfast.  I'm contemplating doing laundry, but that's all the further I've gotten with that project so far.

I think I'll catch up on some TiVo while I give it further consideration...
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