Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got the Amazon sale off to the new owner. Then I got to the pool where I had a wonderful swim.  It's so hot out that being in the cool pool is doubly wonderful.

When I got home my new computer was here. It is WAY bigger than I expected and way heavier but also way snappier.  And, it comes with free T-Mobile Data For Life. It's not much but I can buy more if/when I need it.  It will do me fine until they invent what I really want.

Also today came the 5 purses I ordered from Zappos. I couldn't decide so I just ordered them all. The deal with myself is 1. I could only keep one and 2. I needed to get rid of all the ones - no matter how wonderful - in my purse drawer. If I'm not going to use them, I don't need them. So I opened up the box and examined them all. I liked them all but only one was the best one.  Turns out it was the cheapest one, too!

I put the rest back in the box and printed out the prepaid return label and taped it all up and took it to Office Depot.  When I got back, I took all the purses except 2 and took them down to the free shelf in the garage. There were maybe 15.

When I got back up here, there was an email from the building manager that there was ANOTHER package downstairs to I went back down to get it and ALL the purses were gone.  It had been less than 15 minutes!

The latest box is a thing to go in my front hall to hang stuff on. It needs assembly and it's not going to get any today.

I'm beat. and hot. and ready to do nothing for a bit. Game tonight at 7.
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