Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last week I bought a new chromebook on Woot. Yesterday, I listed the chromebook that it's replacing on Amazon. It sold last night. I even priced it higher than the lowest priced and included a photo. I wouldn't have minded selling it tomorrow  so I can use the box that the new one comes in but, oh well. It's easy to get a box at the post office and just mail it there. I can do it on the way to the pool.

That's it. That's the end of Tech I Have And Never Use. All sold. $512. The new chromebook was $205 total. I'm not unhappy with that math... not a bit. I may get one of the new Fire tablets but I'll get a used/refurb that won't be more than $150. And more likely, I'll just wait until the fall when the Christmas stuff starts coming out.

Today is swimming. Besides the P.O., I also need to stop at Walgreens.  Then home to the air conditioner.

There is nothing on my calendar except swimming and baseball for the next week. Except for four days when there is no baseball!  No one in my house, no one expecting me to do stuff, just days for me with my air conditioner. I really enjoyed having Scott and Julie visit. And now I will really enjoy having no one visit.
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