Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Back to normal and it is quite nice. I'm still so delighted to have doable transportation again. I can zip in and out of my parking space with ease.  Plus, at intersections, people look and smile again.  Ahhhhh I think it's hilarious how much I missed that.

Yesterday, I put my old Amazon Fire tablet up for sale on Amazon. The thing sold immediately! I need to get it off to the post office today. My new chromebook is coming on Friday so I'll probably put the Acer C720 onto Amazon today. I'm just astonished at how easy this is. I love having new stuff but not so much having duplicate redundancy! Now I can more easily justify buying new knowing I can get lots o' cash for the old. Easily.

Today's project (after I get the Acer chromebook listed) is to move iTunes and my swim music/books/podcasts over to removable media. My Windows tablet is out of room and I really don't think I want a bigger Windows tablet. I think I figured out how to move all the iTunes stuff to the microSD card which is 64GB and so has room for a shitload.

At the pool this morning, towards the end of my swim, there was all kinds of stuff going on. When I got out, I asked and turns out they were setting up for a practice meet for little kids. They apparently stage swim meets for the smallest ones all Summer where they learn timing and block starts and stuff. The lifeguard said that they were always looking for volunteer timers. So I took my card over to the folks doing the setup and volunteers. They were delighted and told me they need me a week from Friday at 4:30.  I'm excited.

One of the people doing the set up this morning was the spitting image of one of my favorite pool people - turns out it's his brother!

The housecleaner will be here this morning. The place isn't particularly dirty but the bathrooms need attention and there's dusting and vacuuming that couldn't hurt one single bit.

It's still hot and will be with no relief in site for the foreseeable future. I'm not counting on any rain or a break in the heat until mid-September. I love love love my air conditioner.
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