Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Anita, the chef, is due any minute for her monthly cook day.  The laundry is laundrying.

I have the door open to steal a little morning cool. In the next hour or so, the sun will be here and it will be way too hot for the rest of the day. Happily, I can shut the door and lower the see-through-but-sun-blocking blinds in the heat and not only keep it cool but way quieter which I really need right now.

I'll be picking up my friends at their hotel for transport to the train station soon.

There won't be any swimming today as my pool time  conflicts with my 'return the car' time and I really want to get rid of this car ASAP.


Now it is 30 minutes later and Anita is here slicing and dicing and the second load is in the washer and the sun is full on.

My gout has eased up a great deal and will likely be gone tomorrow or the next day. I dodged the big bullet again, yeah!!

Anita brought ripe Summer tomatoes for one of her dishes but she said I could steal a couple of slices for a lunch sandwich. Yum.
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