Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Visit winding down

Today we did Penney's and Five Guys and Odd Lots and Sears and it was great. Exhausting but great.  We managed to end up about 20 miles north of Seattle just as rush hour got good and going. So we agreed  that the car was comfortable, we had nowhere we needed to be and all the time in the world and air conditioning so we just had a lovely visit and looked at the cars we were 'parked' with. It turned out to be fine and dandy - took us about an hour.

After a bit of a rest at home we went across the street to McRory's and had 'starters' and drinks for dinner which was fine in spite of the mediocre food and the waiter with the worst attitude in town.  We didn't care.

Tomorrow, Chef Anita arrives between 8:30 and 9 and then I'll pick Scott and Julie up at 10:15 and bring them back here to the train station.  Then I think, rather than try to wrestle the BMW beast back into the garage, if I can find a street parking spot, I may come on home for a bit or I may just go fill it up and run it through the car wash and then go park near the owner's condo and wait until the noon return time. I can take my audio book and my tablet games and entertain myself handily for as long as necessary.

I will be sooooooooo glad to get my little car back.

I have really enjoyed Scott and Julie's visit. More this time maybe than any other visit. They are just easy and interested in everything and fun to be around.

Today, in Sears, Scott was standing around patiently waiting for me and Julie to quit shopping and he heard them say on the loud speaker that they had free wifi and deals if we used it.  So we both logged in with your phones and got a $10 discount on our shopping!  Pretty useful, that Scott!

My gout-ie toe is pretty swollen and pissed off but I started the gout pills last night and I'm pretty sure they will fix it up by tomorrow. It does not hurt to walk on it in my Crocs so no biggie. I've got ice on it right now which feels wonderful.
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