Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Lovely day

Another fun day of visitors. I got to the hotel in time to say hi and bye to Julie then Scott and I were off to Fry's where we wandered around for a long, lovely time.  He found a speaker that he liked at Costco yesterday but it wasn't quite right so we looked at speakers.  He found one he liked a Fry's but they didn't have it in stock.  So after Fry's we went to Best Buy where they not only had it in stock, they had a much better display situation so he could try out all the different models and make sure he had the right one for him. He did. They had one in stock. Victory was ours.

We came on home and watched the last half of the baseball game waiting for Julie. It was great. Scott's a good sports fan.

Julie finally turned up and was she ever one happy camper.  Macy's was having a sale plus... she apparently picked up something that a Macy's employee had dropped and got to chatting and asked the sales clerk if the 50% off was off the tagged price or had the 50% already been taken off.  The answer was instead of $44, it as $22 AND... was she a visitor from overseas?  Yes. Then she gets another 20% off.  She will be talking about that victory for years to come. She was beside herself in delight.

She had also been on the underground tour which she thought was fascinating.  So she was happy. Scott was happy. It was good. Then we got back into car and drove around Seattle. We went down to the lake shore and all around some pretty neighborhoods and some not so pretty ones and the university and saw the Fremont Troll and just had a great time.

Then we ended up at the Red Cow in Madronna - a new French place which was just freakin' perfect. I took them back to hotel and now I am home. Tomorrow I'll go swimming and they will walk down from their hotel when they are ready and we'll do more stuff.

It's too hot but at least my bit has been in the cool, air conditioned car.

Oh and we did stop and get Krispy Kreme. I'd forgotten that Scott was here just after the one that just down the street here opened and he was, as he said 'quite keen on reintroducing himself'.  So we got a dozen and ate some and then I sent the rest back to the hotel with them.

It was all good and I am thinking I will sleep well tonight.  However, since it is not yet 8 pm, I probably will stay up a bit longer.
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