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As I generally spend my days doing pretty much nothing, spending days going non-stop is a bit daunting but, turns out, gratefully, doable.  Yesterday, I went swimming and then came home. Scott and Julie walked/shopped down from their hotel and we headed out. We went to Walmart and had a great lunch at Goldbergs and then on to Snoqualmie Falls after getting lost a couple or times and then back to Issaquah then home and out to dinner and then I took them back to their hotel. Whew.

But, it was really nice and fun. Julie just got to shop her heart out at Walmart which was really just walking around looking at all that is different than what she sees in New Zealand. I can totally relate to this as if our positions were reversed, I would want to do exactly the same.

The Falls were pretty crowded but somehow we managed to get in and out fairly easily and also spend some quality time looking at the falls and reading all about them. It was really very pleasant. Plus the drive up and back - even the getting lost part - was really pretty.

Years ago, when I first worked for Microsoft, I worked in their Issaquah office. It was a long commute but, actually a relatively pleasant and easy one. And I enjoyed Issaquah a lot and I hadn't been back since. So it was fun to crawl around and see what has changed and what hasn't.

Julie wanted to go to Walgreens - again to see what's different - and we found the perfect on. Big, and bright and well stocked and well maintained so we wandered around there for a long time.

The clerk was a spry old guy who was especially kind to the people who talked funny. Then when it was my turn and I was paying, he all of a sudden exclaimed in delight 'I've got those, too!!' And pointed to the Senile Pupura on his hand and then the same blood bruises on mine. It was really cute and funny. We allowed as how it only affected special snowflakes like us.  It was a small thing but, honestly, it was kind of amazing that the one thing that embarrasses me most was instantly turned into a such a fun thing.

Then we went to Costco which fascinated both Scott and Julie.

As we pulled out of the Costco parking lot, Julie cried out 'look! look! there's a deer' and, sure enough just across the road, there was a deer - in the middle of town! We drove across to get closer and sat and watched it for a long time. It was eating apples that had fallen just by the parking lot. It stayed calmly not more than 15 feet from us. It was amazing.

After Costco, we stopped at Daiso on the way home. Again... they were pretty amazed. And Daiso, which is a crammed with stuff shop was packed with 20-something couples. It was weird. But... interesting.

We canceled out dinner reservations so we wouldn't have to be slaves to timetable and when we got back home, we rested a bit and then walked down the street to a new Italian place which was perfect.

All day we kind of semi followed the Mariner game which went on all day long. Finally, the Mariners won in the 14th inning.

We noticed a fairly large (8"x6" scrape along the back bumper of Aaron's (the relayride's car owner) car. YIKES! I did not hit anything but maybe someone scraped it in a parking lot.  I came in and looked up how to handle problems. The answer is all is fine with $$. But, still... So I sent an email to the guy to at least let him know. And I tried not to worry.

This morning I got a response that it's one of the many dings and scrapes actually listed with the car info that I didn't see! Whew.  I should have done a thorough look at the car before I took the keys but it was in a parking garage with a car waiting for us to get on with it.

All's fine now and I am greatly relieved.

Today the plan is...

Julie wants to go on her own... Macy's and Westlake shops and then the shops in here Pioneer Square and she wants to take the underground tour which, of course, I've been on many times but even Scott has been on and doesn't want to go again.

Scott wants to go to Fry's and Office Depot and Staples and Best Buy and Julie has zero interest in any of that. So I'm going to pick him up at 10 and we'll do the geek tour.

Julie has keys and we'll meet back here. They want to do a load of laundry.  Our dinner reservations at a new French restaurant are at 6.

We still have Penney's and Sear's and Target and we may have to go back to Costco on Monday.

They leave on Tuesday at 11:30. Also Tuesday is Chef Anita day which I had totally forgotten about - having the 1st Tuesday be on the 1st, led the 2nd Tuesday - Chef Anita day - to sneak right up on me.

I think I'd better get up and get into the shower.  I bought a couple of new dishwashing sponges yesterday and I just saw Zoey dragging one down the hall. So possibly there's some picking up of stuff that needs to happen.
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