Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So off to the post office I went. I had a great bubble wrap for laptop thing that I had to buy years ago to ship a laptop in for fixing. I grabbed it and it was perfect. The post office had a box. Excellent. The machine guided me through postage and insurance and a tracking number $20. Fair enough.  And spit out the label and told me to put it in the package bin.

The box did not even come close to fitting in that fucking package bin.  Not even close and no where else to put it. WTF???  USPS, you were so great at everything except the fucking crucial step!!!

Defeated I came on home and did some stuff and then went to pick up the car.  That went fairly smoothly.  The car is, of course, HUGE, compared to mine. And it is extremely stressful to drive someone else's car with zero instructions.  But boy, is it ever a lovely car. Smoooooooooooth.  The aux jack doesn't work with my phone but I just googled around and think I have the answer there (need different cable which I'm sure I have a bagillion of in this house).  There is no place to really set the phone so I can see it but I'll just make Scott hold it while I drive.  No biggie.

The guy I'm renting the phone from could not be more accommodating.  After I left him, I spied a broken grill in the head console and I didn't want him to think I did it. So I snapped a pic and texted it to him and he answered immediately that he knew about it and all was good. Nice.

Then on to the grocery store for ice cream and coleslaw and then on to Papa Murphy's where pizza was procured and then I had a wild ass thought...  Doesn't Office Depot do USPS shipping?  Google says yes. Called my Office Depot and wonder of fucking wonders they were open!!!  Laptop now safely on its way.  I'm sure it will not go out until tomorrow but I'm done with my part.

This selling through Amazon thing is really amazing. It wasn't that much fun to set up but that's a one time thing. And you don't get the $$ til the end of the month, but other than that, it's the easiest thing in the world. I am shocked. After my friends leave, I'm going around the house and see if there isn't more technogoodies I can sell. I snagged the chromebook I wanted on Woot so when it gets here, I'll put the new-ish one I have now up for sale.

Successful day so far!  Now I have a couple of hours before I need to head out to meet their boat.
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