Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The Kiwi friend coming to visit today, was here on the 4th of July once before.  I think it may well have been the first time he had ever been outside of New Zealand (except for trips to Australia). It is fascinating to see the 4th of July through the eyes of someone who has no idea what's going on or why.  I took him over to Bainbridge Island (a commuter sleeper island a ferry boat ride away). It's a small town with a small town 4th of July parade. And then we came back and sat at the waterfront to watch fireworks (this was back when they did them in the bay which is a few blocks from my house).

I'm pretty sure his head was raw from scratching it all day long. He was fascinated and curious and amazed and full of WTF??

It's rather reciprocated by his holidays. He has, for a couple of decades, sent me a New Zealand calendar every year with all their holidays marked on it. I swear those people have a holiday 4 times a month. If the queen farts, they stop and celebrate (all while explaining their remoteness from the monarch).

This time, they spent Canada Day in Canada and will clip the last half of the 4th here. Should be interesting to hear their take on it all.

I'm to pick up the RelayRides car at 10 and, hopefully, remember to take the things I need out of my car - mostly the garage door opener. Then on to Papa Murphy's and the grocery store and then chill til it's time to pick them up at 2.  They are sailing into a port at the north end of the waterfront which is really fairly close as the crow flies but impossible to get to otherwise. I should send a crow. There is massive construction between here and there and all the roads around the port are jammed and there is no parking and I am not looking forward to it but, it is what it is and I will deal. At least it's a holiday and there won't be work traffic/parking.

I think I'll spend the time from now til time to leave for the car, reading. I have a couple of excellent books going now but also a couple of really interesting looking ones stacked up behind them. I am really enjoying reading these days - eye reading and ear reading.

HOLY CRAP! I just sold my old Chromebook on Amazon! Wow. I listed it for $250 with plans to drop it down to $150 when I put the other one on sale. No need now. Wow. Ok, new plan. I think I'll wrap it up and take it over to the self serve post office.  Wow.
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