Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Pretty much ready

I have reservations made and lists made and plans made and I am ready.  The reservations are in an app on my phone as are the lists and my calendar is sync'd up, too.

While they are the easiest of couple's to host, having two people talk at me asking questions constantly does not leave any room for my brain to think about what I'm going to do next. So this time I'm planning ahead.  I love their chatter and their questions are always fascinating so I'd rather pay attention to that rather than where we are going to go for dinner.

Scott and Julie will be here until Tuesday. I made reservations for Saturday and Sunday nights at Red Cow (french) and Poppy's (?) respectively. I've wanted to go to both for a while so now I will!  And I know that I haven't taken Scott to either (He's been coming here for visits about every 4 or 5 years since we met in the early 90's and I totally forget what he's seen and not seen.  This is Julie's third visit and already I've lost track of where she's been!)  I'll worry about Monday night later.

On Saturday, I'll swim and then pick them up at their hotel at 10 and off we go. I think we'll start with Factoria - Walmart (Julie's choice) and Target and, probably Ross) and then we'll drive up to the falls with maybe a stop in Issaquah - Costco? REI?

Sunday we'll probably head south to Fry's and Best Buy and Penney's and Odd Lots. And maybe IKEA. And probably, definitely, Five Guys for lunch. And drive back to Seattle via the lake.

And then, by Monday, they will have a list of stuff they have now thought of that they want to do. Last time it was mostly back tracking back to places we had been cause they decided they actually did want to get xxx or yyy which was fine.

Tuesday they are on the train - and I think it's an early one - to Portland.  A good time shall be had by all.
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