Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My Kiwi friends wanted to order from Amazon and have it delivered here before they left. They can save a wad. I offered to do the deed so we could use my Prime account and ensure timely delivery. Amazon split the order into two. The first part arrived a day early. The second part was due by 8 pm last night. At 8 pm last night the order was not even showing 'in transit' yet. Sigh. It was showing a weird transporter I'd never heard of before.

So I wrote customer service and reordered.  This morning, of course, they gave me a refund AND the package was transferred to USPS and is in Seattle and will arrive today. Too late to cancel the reorder. Sigh.  Oh well, at least my friends will have their goods. The rest will be sorted sooner or later.

I have one chromebook that I no longer need and will soon have another I no longer need. I hate eBay. Someone on G+ suggested I use Amazon to resell. So I tried and kept getting blocked by 'not allowed' messages. Another note to Amazon. This morning I learned that, apparently, I cancelled an Amazon selling account in September of 2012. No clue why I did that. But, turns out, once you cancel there is NO recovery. None. But, opening an account with a different name and email address is easy.  And, I kind of like having the selling business separate. If I sell, great. If not, no biggie. Does not cost me anything to list and there is no list maintenance. Good solution.

It's supposed to be way cooler today. It's still hot in here and the air conditioner is working hard but, hopefully, I'll be able to give it a rest later.

Swimming at 11. Tomorrow the pool will be closed :(

I do want to double check and make sure Papa Murphy's will be open tomorrow. I can't imagine that living in my fridge for 24 hours would degrade a pizza that much so I could actually buy it today but tomorrow would be better.

I exchanged texts with the guy who's car I'm renting via RelayRides. We're on for the swap tomorrow. I will sure miss my little green Smart Car. I'm a bit anxious about driving something bigger - especially something bigger that belongs to someone else. It's a BMW X3 - 2007 so at least it's not brand new.

No baseball today and really no chores. I love that I have gotten to a place in this house that keeping it tidy is very nearly easier than not. For most of my life, having company = days of picking up shit and finding a place to stash it combined with mad cleaning. Now, it's just a matter of opening the door and saying welcome! WAY much better.
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