Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New project

Granny Squares.  After the completion of every bear, there will be a granny square.  I'm starting with this book - Just Plain Fun JPF Crochet Club Granny Square Collection - on my Kindle that I borrowed for free. Thank you Amazon Prime.  I'm going to do all these squares in order.  I'm not at all sure now what I will do with the squares. I will bind them together with black so they look stained glassie. Maybe a blanket, maybe a jacket, maybe a...

I finished off a bear today so I got started.

The first one - far left - I used the wrong stitch. I used a triple crochet stitch instead of double. The middle one, I used the right stitch and dropped the hook size down considerably. The far right, I think is the Goldilocks version... the right stitch with the right sized hook.  (H, by the way, for those who might care)

The Mariners won again... It's been many many many years since they have had this kind of record in July. Amazing.  And, kind of fun.  Plus, last winter they paid an enormous amount to get a guy from the Yankees. Everyone, me included, thought it was a bonehead move. The guy is not spring chicken. But goddamn can he play baseball. He's having a banner year and has proven to be worth his millions in game play and team membership.  I do NOT mind being wrong about the Mariners. Not at all.
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