Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning's swim was good news/bad news. There was no one in my lane until the end and then I was joined by this guy who had impeccable lane manners. But, my back hurt for most of the swim and I didn't feel like I had full breath.  Not horrible but was glad when I got to a mile and could quit.

It's supposed to be cooler today but I'm leaving the blinds drawn and the air conditioner on. At this point, if I let it get hot in here, it would take a massive effort to cool it down again. The joys and perils of 100 year old buildings with 18" solid wood beams. It's slow to heat and slow to cool but once it gets its temp, it holds on to it for dear life.


The baseball game is at 11 today.  And that's it for the agenda.


I've been thinking of doing some crocheting. Just for something different. And for using up yarn bits. I think I'll spend some quality time on Ravelry to see if I can get hook inspired.  I think my hands will appreciate a different repetitive action and my brain would appreciate the different as well. Crocheting does not come as easily to me as knitting.


Today is payday so I got all the bills caught up and the accounts reconciled.  I'm so very grateful to have enough resources to be able to do everything I want to. I know I worked hard all my life and earned the rewards I now reap but still, I feel like a giant dollop of luck contributed as well and I don't think a half a day goes by without my stopping to think about how grateful I am.
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