Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I am a cool customer

By keeping the air conditioner running last night, I got ahead of the heat and successfully starved it out on what is turning out to be the hottest day of the year. Go me.  In this house now, with the new building across the street, the hottest part of the day this time of year is 6-8 pm. My windows face east which used to be a godsent as once the morning sun was gone, we were done. But now, as the sun goes down, it beams across the top of this building and is reflected back to me by the building across the street.

Right now my terrace is still in the shade. And it will be for another 30 minutes or so and then bam! The heat is on. I get both the residual heat from the day mixed with the heat from the sun. UGH.

This is now - before the heat attack...

I love this air conditioner sooooo much.

After my swim today, I went food trucking.  There's one truck I've been really interested in trying. They make sandwiches with latkes in the place of bread.  They are at Starbucks HQ (down the street) every Tuesday in July and I landed there on my way home from the pool.  It was hot standing in the sun waiting but turned out to be way worth it.  My sandwich was delicious and I also picked up a serving of cucumber and tomato and onion salad and one of gazpacho.  Both of these were delicious, too. The salad will augment my dinner tonight and the gazpacho is chilling in the fridge for lunch tomorrow.  I will probably go back next Tuesday!

The baseball game is at 5.
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