Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have skipped a lot of Pride Parades in my day because it's just been too hot to enjoy.  Today is perfect (for me) Pride Parade weather and I'm not going. I honestly wouldn't mind going to the festival part with the the booths and the bands but the getting there stops me. There's no way really but to walk and while I think I could probably get there, I wouldn't really enjoy it because I'd be stressing about having enough energy to get back home.  So I'll just skip it. They will be fine without me.

I think I'll go to Costco instead. That will give me a little walking around in a controlled environment with an easy out if/when I need it. Plus I am getting perilously low on my supply of grapefruit slices.


I finished the greatest book yesterday. American Fugi. I really can't stop thinking about it. It explained so many Japanese things I saw but did not understand. Plus the characters were so interesting. It was one of those stories that will have me wondering about how those folks are doing and what they are doing for a long long time.  I'm so glad I stumbled over it.


My While-The-Ballgame-Is-On project today is 2 kitchen drawers. One is the out and out junk drawer and one is the utensil drawer.  Both will be completely emptied and culled and sorted.  I do not need all that shit and I do need to be able to get to what I do need without having my fingers sliced off by a knife!

Time now to get up and get at it.
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