Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The minute my New Zealand friends told me they were arriving on July 4, I knew we were in trouble. They are coming from Canada. Would it kill them to stay there on the 4th? Apparently.  The main problem, besides the town being shut down, is dinner. Today I called around to all the likely places I could think of. Nothing. Nada. Closed. Zipped. Fuck.

There is one place that I know will be open but they have been there and what's the fun in that?

And then I hit on it.  Pizza here with Hot Fudge Sundays or Banana Splits for dessert. Totally doable. One call to Papa Murphy's "we're open but closing early - at 7 pm" YAHOOOOOOO.  The deal is sealed.

It will be a good excuse to have them here with at the house (they are staying in a hotel downtown) with something fun to do. This is one of those great ideas that I generally have a day or two after the opportunity has passed.


I forgot to lock the door today and in comes Ann. At least she didn't tell me the same stuff again. This time she said she had to get out of the house and was off to Trader Joes and wanted to know if I wanted to go with.  Er, no thanks. Parallel grocery shopping is NOT my idea of a good time. Back when she and Ron used to use my Costco card, I always made sure I had my phone with a book or a game on it to amuse myself. When Costco changed the rules and they had to buy their own card, I did a happy dance for sure.


Somebody on my friends list ( magenta_girl?) mentioned pimento cheese a couple of times recently and it lit up the 'ohhhhh we haven't had any of that in ages' brain so this morning, at the grocery, I picked up the fixins.  It tastes best the day after you make it and the days beyond that but this afternoon I had a half sandwich of it and YUM!


Now I've had dinner and the dishes are washed and kitchen clean - yep still on that kick - and it's nearly time for the baseball game.
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