Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning's swim was a slog. My goggles were leaking. I couldn't get an vocals with my near earphones (this improved 100% when I plugged it in - the plug had worked a bit loose), my back hurt and my leg hurt and my attitude wasn't that great either. Some days it's not as wonderful as others.  I did have a lane to myself which was kind of nice.

(And, I was right, once the plug issue was found and fixed, I was able to listen to my book easily. Yeah!)

I nixed the IKEA trip. If it were just the store, I could handle but going all the way to Renton, then doing the maze and then coming all the way home is just a bigger bite than I want to make.

But, it is cool and a bit rainy and I do not want to waste it since these kind of nice days will be few and far between for the next couple of months so I think I'll head out to West Seattle. Maybe I can find what I need at Target or BB&B.

So that's the plan for today. I also need to clean out the car - it's gotten kind of trashy. Bags everywhere, a hoody on the front seat, Dr. Pepper in the back that belongs up here. I think I'll tidy it up before I head out.
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