Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Kind of a weird-ish day

This morning I remembered that my stash of stuff for Goodwill was getting too big so I gathered it all up and stuffed it into the car and dropped it off on the way to the pool.  Good job, me!

At the pool, I debuted new headphones.  And I like them!  I got good clear sound the whole time very comfortably and very less fiddly than the standard ones.  I've had a hard time listening to podcasts and books because the other earphones were sometimes fine and sometimes not and with the spoken word, sound fading in and out does not make for very successful listening. This could be good. Very good.

It was hot in here all afternoon so I've got the air conditioner on and... ahhhhh. I may leave it on tonight. Maybe. It's lovely and cool outside but not inside.

Today in the snail mail, I got a short but really very nice note from a girl I went to high school with. She was collecting info for class news. I have, for nearly 50 years, carefully avoided and ignored any and all requests for class news from high school or college. I'm just not interested.  But, her note was sweet and short and only asked if I were still alive. I knew she was still in North Carolina so I didn't figure we'd have to get together IRL.

She asked that I send her an email. I did - short and sweet. I got a nice return note with a high level overview of her life. She's  on her second marriage with 5 step children and they bought and live in a house about 3 blocks from the house I mostly grew up in. She got big points for keeping it all short and sweet and not asking if I was on Facebook. But she lost a few by not Googling... since she knew my name (which is different than what it was in high school) a quick Google would have netted her exhausting details about my life as well as my email address.  Oh well.

She'll publish my email address in class news and I'll hear from classmates I don't remember. It will be weird but fine.

I'm considering a trip to Ikea tomorrow. Maybe. They have a frying pan I want but that's really it.  Is it worth a 25 minute drive and an annoying hike through the maze for one lousy frying pan?  (I cannot order it online because their online ordering is broken and has been for 3 weeks - no sign they intend to fix it any time soon.) I think I'll decide tomorrow after my swim.
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