Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

These times are my times

Last night I finished the novel I was listening to. This morning I got up and bought the next one and loaded it up on my phone and my tablet. I also renewed my library book and downloaded it to my Paperwhite and my phone.  And... I'm still in bed.

I love that. Love it. No matter where I am when, whatever device I have next to me will have the book I want to read and know exactly where I was in the book when I put it down last time.

I remember, back in the olden days, I hated hard back books. I didn't like holding them, I didn't like carrying them around. So I would wait until a book came out in paperback before I bought it. And then there were books that came out only in trade paperback size which always pissed me off - the worst of all options.

I do not miss non digital books one tiny bit. There has always been so much good stuff to read and now there are so many so very easy glorious ways to read it all!


I changed out the cover on my bed last night from the very light quilt to the duvet cover - sans duvet - that I use when it gets too hot. Turns out it was too early for the swap. I spent half of last night too hot and half too cold. One of the very worst things about summer is sleeping comfortably.  One of the most marvelous things about really cold weather is getting into bed and burrowing under mounds of cozy warm covers.  79 days to go.


Every day I do not invite Ann to lunch or dinner and/or leave my door open so she'll know to come in and visit, I feel horribly guilty. So, yes, I feel horribly guilty most of the time these days. I ran in to her again yesterday afternoon while she was chatting in the hall with another neighbor. She was telling her story about how Ron died which I have now hear about a million times. I know she needs a friend and someone to tell her stuff to over and over and over again but I just cannot be that person.  She does have other friends, fortunately, who are better friends than I am but I still feel guilty.


I have a couple of small online projects today and swimming at 11.  No baseball tonight so I'll get some TiVo catching up done.
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