Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


As I suspected, one of the hooks holding up my stained glass was floating on air. And there's now a fairly substantial hole in the wall where the hook needs to go.

Sigh.  Greg, the guy from AmyWorks started off not great. He wanted to 'share' with me his 20 years experience working with condo boards. He was under the impression that I did not understand the condo was responsible for the damage and the fix.  I told him that the board will eventually fix the problem and make my unit whole again but I did not want to live with plastic until then.  He heard 'this poor chick is a victim and doesn't get it.'  Finally, I told him that the fixes he will do today will be redone by the board at some point and he kind of got it at least enough to shut up and do the work.

I had had the idea in my head for a while that I would get AmyWorks to build me a hanging bar for the stained glass. A long, thin piece of wood into which we could install hooks.  The wood would then be screwed into the wall securely and the stained glass would then have a much more steady hang.  I mentioned this to him today and he said he thought it sounded like a much better fix that the one we had planned.

He's off to Home Depot. His project time will likely triple as will my bill and my afternoon will be eaten up by watching him work but I think it will be worth it - especially since they are going to be taking down the three pieces again at some point, I'd really feel better if they were more secure.

And my living room will be plastic free for now!
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