Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sprucing up my head and my living room

It is hair cut day.  The reality is that actually last week was haircut day but I was too lazy and my dislike of the haircut experience won out.  But now it's looking like a dog whose owner has religious differences with the groomer. Time to do it. Plus I'm nearly out of the magic shampoo and conditioner which is only available at Rudy's (Rudy's Barbershop) and not even online.  So after this entry, it's off to do the deed.

And a stop at Trader Joe's.

And then later in the day, I will be getting my living room spruced up as well.

AmyWorks is this great service of handy people. They do it all and so nicely. Yesterday I sent an email with photos and a list of what I wanted done and when would be good times and within an hour I had a guy and a time - 3 pm today.  It will cost me about $100. I may or may not get reimbursed by the home owners association but for sure, I will have my stained glass securely hung and the plastic gone and the paint fixed. It appears that it could be months before the home owners association does anything. I am not living with plastic for months.

If it rains heavily for many hours straight, I'm probably fucked. But, that is likely not going to happen for months. And if I'm wrong, I'll deal.

My New Zealand friends are on the west coast of Canada. He keeps sending me texts with questions. She wants to order some stuff on Amazon and have it delivered here. It's so weird to 'chat' with him real time instead of with days/hours of confusing time zones between us.  The other night they were watching the Mariner game - same broadcast as we get here and he sent me a score spoiler! He won't do that again :)

Tonight we play Boston again. The games are kind of nerve wracking because Boston is a big deal team. This year they suck but you never know, that big deal team might show up any night. So far, they've let us win and win fairly big so it's been fun.  There are a lot of Boston fans in Seattle and generally they fill the stadium and loudly let everyone know they are there.  These past two nights, they have been there but fairly quietly. One more game with them - not the time to let our guard down. I will not be unhappy if we win big again tonight.  Not unhappy at all.

Ok, the hair cutting scissors are calling.
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