Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Rest of the Story(s)

Bear Adoption...  So. Turns out.  The Seattle Baby Corner was originally (and may still be) connected to the Catholic Church. I did not realize this but one of the things they did was provide burial for babies of indigent families.  The new place - the one scooping up - does a lot of the same services but will adamantly NOT do any burying of babies. And that's where Jeannie drew the line. She needs to see those babies properly buried. "I told them I could not work for them."

She has a group of nurses who still want to give out bears.  And a couple of her other volunteers - people who make layettes and at least one quilter and me all of whom are still willing to churn out goods. I told her I could house a month or two of bears but that was about it. She said she was thinking maybe she could pick up at the 6 week point.  It's all fluid but I'm kind of zen about it at this point. I'll keep bear-ing and hope for the best.


AmyWorks is sending out Greg tomorrow afternoon to fix my living room.  Yeah!!


I failed to get the cutest picture today.  Summer brings morning swimming lessons for the kids. When I got to the pool there was a group of 4 and 5 year olds just getting ready to start their lesson.  On one long bench, there was all lined up the most adorable stacks of tiny clothes with matching tiny shoes lined up on the floor. Each stack was meticulously built - Pants on the bottom, then the shirt folded neatly and each was topped with a fine and colorful pair of superhero underwear.  They were all still in the dressing room and I didn't want to be obvious. I thought I got one shot but apparently my phone didn't think so. Maybe next week. Cause seriously WAY cute. 
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