Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I got nuthin'

In the mornings, I get up and get coffee and bring it back to bed with me. I open up the computer and while I listen to NPR, I check email/LJ/Twitter/my brother's webcams, etc.  When my coffee is done and my internetting is caught up, I get up and get dressed and get my day started.

I like to create my first journal entry of the day before I get started.  Even if, like today, I've really got nothing to write about.

I did finally break down and sent a nicely worded request for work status to our building manager with a copy to the board president. My living room is exactly as it was left the day of The Big Leak. Plastic covers where my beautiful stained glass should be and there's a plastic hose running from the ceiling to a bucket.  I have asked the building manager a couple of times for more info and been waived off with a 'soon'.

So today starts the paper trail. There is no reason for me to be an asshole about it. Minutes after my email went out, I got copied on a note from the board president to the building manager. Sandy, the board president is in meetings in San Francisco and still took the time to help Michael, the building manager understand that she was interested in getting me fixed.

I also have a backup/emergency plan to make it all at least look fine for when my friends from New Zealand get here July 4. Worst case, I'll call AmyWorks to come out and patch paint and rehang the stained glass. One way or the other, I will need paint. I should make sure I get in a pint of the correct green...

This morning, I'll leave early for the pool so that I have enough time to drop off the bears and chat with Jeannie about next steps. Jeannie is a talker so I'll need to factor that in. If she having a non-chatty day, I'll take my book to keep me company til the pool opens.
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