Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I didn't last 24 hours

Yesterday, after I finished the last bear, I started on a non-bear. It's a shrug made out of leftover bear bits. I couldn't find a pattern I wanted so I made it up. It's mostly an easy stitch and one piece. I got it, this morning, to a place where now, for hours and hours, I can just pick it up and knit blindly like in movies or other places. Easy peasy traveling knitting.  It's ready to pick up and go.

So I put it down and started a new bear.  Apparently, I can't go bareless for very long!

Today's the first afternoon when it got hot enough in here to need the air conditioner. I love this air conditioner. Cooled off the joint in no time.

Plus now the sun is gone. Yeah!  I'm such a weather wimp. Now that there's no sun, I'm thinking I could go this afternoon to get my haircut. I could take a carload of stuff that I have ready to the Goodwill. I could... but I won't. It's 3:15. It is stupid to put yourself in afternoon traffic when you absolutely do not have to.

I went down to check the mail and ran into neighbor Ann who was taking a cart full of stuff to recycling/trash... We exchanged how are you's and hopefully that will count as a visit and I'll get another couple of days off.

Walgreens, bless their hearts, is sending that prescription FedEx Over - night! I did not ask and, really was not even cranky on the phone. They just did it. Nice. of them.

Baseball is Boston tonight at home - 7:30. Always exciting to play Boston. There are a bascillion Bostonians in Seattle and they come out in droves for the game.  Yet another reason to keep my car in the garage this afternoon.
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