Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning's swim was a good one.  Well, there are no bad ones but today was not a slog. It was just a nice stressfree swim to mostly BeeGees.  I still don't understand why my Shuffle so rarely actually shuffles. But, what.Ever.

I've been trying for a month now to get my cough pill prescription refilled. The doctor's office had to call Walgreens twice - that took a week.  Then it took a week for them to call me to get the approval to fill. Then it got lost. Then it got found and stuck in process.  I finally called again this morning and they were waiting for my approval - ?????  Which I gave them. They also said that my insurance didn't cover it so I'd need to pay full price. $40. Seriously? I think there's a fuck up somewhere but at this point, I'll pay the $40 just send me the fucking drugs, k? Thanks.

This is a drug that calms my coughing reflex and it works great and I don't use it a lot but really need it when I do. My last prescription lasted me more than a year so I'm not worried about the price as weird as it is.  I'll just be glad to have the stuff on hand.

It's hair cut time again but I think I'll wait until Wednesday. I'm not really into it today and the sun is out fairly fiercely. Tomorrow is bear delivery and mid-day swim and Wednesday is supposed to be cloudy. Much more conducive to stuff like running around town for hair cut. Ah... the luxury of retirement.

Today may be some reading. The plots of my too books are heating up. I just have to decide if I am more interested in finding out about the Americans digging into the murder in Japan or about the doctor and his wife and their shenanigans on Long Island.

But, first, I think I'll set up the bears for the monthly shoot so I can get them packed up for tomorrow.
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