Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


When it rained in the living room, the rain came in and down the stained glass.

So my first move was to take down the three panels and store them someplace safely.

I got an old beach towel and a lap blanket and wrapped them up and put them on top of the cupboard in the living room.

It took Zoey 2 seconds to get up there and investigate and make it her new 'spot'.  But, I didn't want her owning the stained glass or messing with their cover so I got her a bed for up there.  Once stained glass is back hanging, she'll want the blankets and they will be put away.

Her new bed arrived (Etsy) and, once again, 2 seconds to claim it.  At least she's appreciative.  And my stained glass is safe.  I'm going to need to find a new home for that little African village scene.  It kind of clashes with the new bed. hmmmm

In other news...  I googled around and discovered that the Baby Corner isn't going to Bellevue but to South Seattle.  And, according to their website, they are keeping the same drop off location as the Baby Corner. So... maybe Jeannie is just getting replaced.  I think time will tell on this one and at least this current crop of bears has a home.

This afternoon I got to thinking that maybe I might take a bit of a bear break. I have a sweater design in mind - a simple one for wearing around here when it gets chilly and one that will use up more of my bits of yarn. I may make that while I noodle out the bear issues.  Maybe.

The Mariners won again. Wild.  And I am not so interested in the World Cup - I'm doing it via Twitter. I doing TiVo cleanup.
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