Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And the perfect deal comes to an end.

My teddy bear adoption center is going away.

For the first two years I made bears, I had this sweet deal with a neighbor.  I'd make a bag full and put them on her door knob and she would take them to an emergency shelter for battered women and their families.  Then she quit volunteering there.

One of my LJ friends from Colorado (mtgirl) who had lived in Seattle put me onto The Seattle Baby Corner.  That was early 2007. I contacted them and asked if they could use some teddy bears and Jeannie said yes and that began my first of the month, every month delivery.  Wow. I don't think I'd actually focused on how many years I've been showing up on their doorstep every month.  I do know they have had several different doorsteps. But, happily, all have been pretty convenient and the latest one is only a few blocks from my pool!

But, sadly, I got an email from Jeannie today that they are merging with another baby corner across the lake and closing her down. Next week is her last week. She has no idea if the new one will want teddy bears. Since it is in Bellevue, I really don't care because I am not hiking over there once a month.

She did say "if you want to continue making them and are willing to donate them through me I'm willing to see to it that the little ones get them." Good enough for me!!  I do hope she means it and that we can arrange a convenient transfer.  I wrote her back and suggested that she swing by here and pick them up which would be perfect but we will see.

Without the Baby Corner, I'm kind of el-stucko. These things could take over this condo pretty damn quickly. And, I have to say, I'm not that interested in scoping out a new disbursal plan. I have no interest in going around town trying to talk people into taking them. I sure as hell don't want to sell them. Or parse them out one by one...   So my fingers are crossed that Jeannie will, indeed, just take on the chore.

Bummer.  I'm looking at the bears now all crowded into their chair, grinning like everything is fine.  I guess they didn't read the mail or they are in denial.  Bummer.
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