Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Somehow, over the last couple of days, I've hinked up (medical term) a muscle in the top of my right thigh.  It does not hurt when I'm sitting but the minute I stand up to walk, OWWWWIE. I have no clue what or how I broke it.  I think, however, I'm going to stroll down the street and see if I can walk the owwie out.  And get breakfast at the diner.

I have breakfast fixins here but if I make breakfast here, I won't go anywhere for the rest of the day and by tonight my back (and probably my thigh) will complain so in an effort to make everyone happy...


I got a comment from someone (anonymous) that he/she could 'see' some of my photos in Google + that were marked private.  I asked and was then told the word 'private' is apparently next to some of the photos.  This makes not one iota of sense to me.  I used an incognito version of my browser and dug through all my photos and could not find any marked private.

But, mainly, I can't figure out why a photo marked private shows up at all.  Mainly, I'd like to find an example so I can set all the privates to public.  It's very weird.


I ended up doing all of the laundry yesterday and putting it away and changing the sheets and washing those, too. The kitchen is clean and tidy due to my new system. So I'm kind of chore-caught-up.

The baseball game starts at 11.

I'm reading one great book and listening to a rather odd one.

Reading on the Paperwhite:  American Fuji by Sara Backer.
This is a fascinating story set in Summer in Japan. It's a hot and sweaty read but it's really good.

Listening: Summer House with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch.
This is a strange story. I'm more than half way through it and I have no clue where it's going. It could turn out to be a total dud or be a good read and I still don't know which.

I'm taking the Paperwhite with me to breakfast.
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