Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So far... so good

I actually left for the pool earlier than usual and a good thing because as soon as I hit the street, I remembered the Rock and Roll Marathon. Every turn I tried to make was met with a Road Closed sign.  GRRRRR I briefly thought about bagging the trip but decided against that. I turned around and went WAY south, up and over the hill and around that way.  I did the 3 mile trip in about 12 miles but I got there.  I got to the side of the pool just as Jennifer (the lifeguard) was telling everyone they could go in.  "NOT WITHOUT ME!!!"  "Well, you are late!!" It always bugs her when I get there my usual too early.

I had a great swim and was oh so glad i hadn't bagged it.

After my swim, I hit Denny's.  I drew a waiter who's been there for at least 20 years. He's a nice guy who seems to always be on duty. Today, when he put down my breakfast, he said "bon appetite!" cracked me up.  Nice breakfast.

Next stop was the gas station. I opted for the car wash option today. This is a really old, run down, Shell station/bodega that is always surrounded by the sketchiest of people. The car wash is a simple drive through - all I need - but there's not even a sign saying how much. Today, I had time and my car was gross and I figured what the hell.  Turns out it was only $4 and easy and fast and it did a great job.  That's now going to be my regular gas station!

I got more ice cream and more bananas and came on home.  And now we have baseball.

I remembered to check my odometer today... I bought the car on August 26, 2011.  Monday or Tuesday, I'll crack 10,000 miles.

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