Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


There were lots of people not there for this morning's swim. It's so weird the population swings at the pool. I've now been going steadily there long enough to know that on any given day, the pool can be packed or empty. The weather, the days of the week, holidays nothing seems to be a consistent player in a crowded pool or a lane to myself. Weird.

One very big factor, especially in the early morning swims, is schools.There are 3 schools between home and the pool. One of those is a huge high school next door to the pool. So there is a very different vibe/traffic pattern when school's in session.  And now, it is not.  It's very strange to go from having to fight for space on the sidewalk and on the road and dodging clueless kids and their backpack one day to nada the next.

But now I am home where we have blessed consistency.

I did manage to get the sausage cooked and crumbled yesterday to today I'll assemble and bake the breakfast muffins.  Yum. I need to either guess, over pay and leave it for the mailman or take a package to the post office. I've got 30 days on that one so no rush.

I did see Michael (building manager) yesterday and he said that the leaky terrace upstairs would be fixed and my living room would be patched and painted before July 4. I'm skeptical but willing to be proven wrong.

I did not order the new router. I am a day away from Discover cash back this month and figured I'd hold off and use that. While I'm waiting the current router has been performing flawlessly.  I may wait some more.
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