Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got an email from Ann (sent to a list). It was very nicely done. She said that she and Charlie and Amy (her son and daughter-in-law) were in to see Ron about 4 yesterday and said their goodbyes and by the time she got home there was a message from the hospital that he had died. Her email sounds as if she is at peace. I hope so.  She also reiterated that in keeping with his wishes, there will be no service of any kind.


One thing I meant to do before it got hot was make a batch of breakfast egg and sausage muffins. I haven't had any in a long time. They require heating up the oven and I wish I had remembered. Now it's warm but WTF, I got the ingredients at the store and may do it anyway. I think I'll crumble cook the sausage today and do the rest tomorrow.


The replacement coffee maker arrived. I need to set it up, take the old one to the dumpster, and put away the other groceries. By the time I get that done, it will be time for the lighting people. And when they are done, it will be time for the game.  One thing after another. It's a damn good thing I don't have a day job. I don't know how I'd squeeze it in.


Oh and I was forced into a lane at the pool that was faster than my usual so I was faster than my usual. A good 7 minutes under my normal mile time.


And mine and my doctor's theory about cutting back on the aspirin and vitamin D might help curtail and heal the blood bruises on my hands and arms?  Bunk. I got two one hand while waking around the grocery store and a giant one on my arm from something else I don't remember. Blech.
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