Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Morning victory

Months ago, before my Nexus 7 warranty ran out, I called customer service about the screen response issues I'd been having.  The screen was getting increasingly uninterested in responding to my finger. The woman on the phone walked me through a pretty complicated series of stuff and when we were done, the tablet worked perfectly.

Last week I started playing a game on the tablet that I hadn't played in a long time. Pretty soon.. yep, touch screen issues again!  So I looked up how to clear the cache and found:

It was a little fiddly to do on my own but I finally got it and BAM!! Problem fixed!  Now I know to stay away from that old game.


I told my designer to just forget about the living room ceiling lights.  She's moving to London and if, one day, I couldn't stand it, I'd get them changed out on my own.  She said ok. Then yesterday she wrote that she just couldn't leave it that way.  She found an electrician she can depend on and they are coming with the new lights at 2:30 today. I'll be glad to get it done. And it will be nice to see her one last time.  My condo is a beautiful place because of the work she did. We had our ups and downs and she drove me nuts half the time, but I could never have created this place without here and I love what we have done. Even the decisions we made now 9 years ago (paint color, etc) I would not change at all.


My brother thinks my new router is dying. I think he's wrong BUT for +$10, it may be worth yet another swap.  I can sell my current router to Amazon for $65 and get the router he recommends (a Buffalo DD-WRT router) for $55.  His tech loves and has extensive experience with the DD-WRT router and can monitor my router issues and figure out why I cannot keep a router working successfully for more than six weeks!

I'm giving this plan serious consideration.

My brother's business - pc repair and IT for small businesses -  is still hopping. If you called today for an appointment for someone to come out and fix something, it would be next Tuesday before they could get someone there. He hired a replacement for the tech he lost and now is interviewing another one to add to the team. His town has one of the biggest retirement settlements in the country - Sun City and it's growing.  Old people with computers is just a gold mine for him.

I'm so glad for him. He's also getting to the point that he's got some financial cushion. This year he bought himself a bright read shiny riding mower. He spent many years losing sleep over his business. I'm so glad he's worked his way into such a good space.


Swimming today at 11. Baseball game at 4.


I got a note from another neighbor that Ann's husband died yesterday at 5:15 pm. There will be no funeral or memorial service per his wishes. So that is that.

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