Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Part 2

Yeah, there won't be any buying of the Amazon phone here... $800? Nope. My previous buy interest was really based on the Free to Prime Members rumors which were apparently totally fiction.

On the up side, the pricing and the AT&T requirement make it not even remotely tempting.

I forgot to lock the door when I came back from swimming. Ann just came in and told me the exact same thing she told me last week. Apparently she's got the answer to 'how's ron' down to a paragraph which she now just rattles off whenever there is dead air. And her cellphone wasn't working. I called it and it rang and she answered it. I'm not clear what else she's expecting it to do - it's a 5,703 year old flip phone.

I do have some sympathy for her and her situation but not enough to take full ownership of her issues.
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