Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I think today may be our last overcast cool day for a few months.  I am trying to enjoy the heck out of it. So far... so good.  Tomorrow it gets warmer and Friday warmer still and starting Saturday the forecast shows nothing but sun. And because I am a contrarian bitch, I start the countdown to The Blessed End Of Summer. This used to be Labor Day here in Seattle but now it's more like the middle of September. So I'm calling it 90 days. I think I can make it.

The week long mystery of where my latest prescription is was finally solved. The last two times I've asked my doctor for a new prescription to be sent to there's been a snafu. Finally, Brenda, his PA, called Walgreens and dug til she hit paydirt. They have/had two accounts for me and were putting the prescriptions in the wrong one.  I called today and they can not find the second account but at least now we know what the problem is.  And, I have all my prescriptions in the correct one so I should be good for a while now and/or until I'm not.

I'm 'watching' the Amazon announcement via Twitter. I do not need a new phone. They have not announced the price or availability but I'm guessing I'll get one. Because.

Nothing else going on here today. Not a peep out of the never-show electrician. I think that deal is dead.  Baseball game is tonight.  The rest of the day is mine.
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