Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Full (for me) day!

I managed to get my errands done and my swim done and got to Big Fish Games in plenty of time for my appointment but not early enough to find lunch so I did my test starving.  Not fatal. It was interesting and fun. I tested Fairway Solitaire.  It's not something I would ever pick myself but having played it, I might just buy it for me!

I got a $50 Visa Debit Card for my testing.

I managed to make it home without hearing the score and avoiding game day traffic. Score and score. I'm watching it now. We're playing San Diego and their suck makes ours look like we are not even trying to be a bad team.  They are so bad, I feel sorry for them.

My internet connection is starting to go again. So far it's just outages of a minute or so here and there but that's how it started last time.  It can NOT be the router this time. Maybe the modem is tired. I know I am.

My new bluetooth underwater headphones came today. I cannot believe they will work but...  They hole the signal the length of this condo so that's encouraging. I think I'll take them for a test drive tomorrow.

I ran into Michael - the resident manager - who said briefly and enigmatically that he had 'people' coming Thursday and Monday 'so you should be all fixed up very shortly.'  I'm not betting the ranch on any of it but it is better to hear encouraging exaggerations than nothing at all - at least at this stage.

And I got a bill from my doctor! This is great news because I've been dying to try their online bill pay but you can't even enroll until you get a bill. I always pay my bill when I get there so I rarely have an outstanding one to pay. But, now I have! So I finally got to enroll.  And pay my $6.57 balance. Saved me the cost of a stamp!  It's the little things.
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