Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Jerked no more

More than a year ago now, I had new lights installed in the living room. Including a fixture over the fireplace and one over the TV. Both with LED lights.  The designer I've used for everything - Sheri - hired Walker, the electrician to do the work. Walker is an adorable, youngish guy who is really nice and often a no show or late.

The lights started to fail nearly immediately. I spent a fortune on replacement LED bulbs. In fact I reverted to halogen for one of the fixtures.  Each time there is a failure I have to get a huge ladder from the garage and haul it up here an climb it to get to the fucking bulbs.  Sheri called Walker about a year ago and he sent one of his guys out and they couldn't find a problem.  But, the failures kept happening.

Finally, when Sheri announced she's leaving (moving to London), she suggested we just replace both fixtures and I agreed. She ordered new and called Walker to replace them. He agreed to do it.  First hour free and he suspects it won't take more than an hour.  The fixtures came in and Walker sent a note asking when I was free for him to do the work. I said anytime but that I'd like to have a couple of hours notice to so I can get home, if I'm out.

That was in December. Nearly every week, Walker sends an email saying he'll be out next week, what day is good for me? And every time I send a note back saying any day is fine, but I'd like an hour's notice.

Last week he said he'd be here at 8 am today.  Of course, at 8:03, I get a note saying he'll be here tomorrow.

I just sent a note to Sheri telling her that if he is a no show tomorrow - and all signs indicate he will be - then just fucking forget it. I'm done.  Life is too short and there are other electricians/lighting fish in the sea and maybe even some that will do the job correctly.

I'm not going to even let this piss me off any more.

No word from the leak fixing people - I'm guessing that, too, is going to be a slog.  I did, however, get an email from the president of the homeowner's association. She's on the case and she takes fewer prisoners than I do so I'm not worried. It would be great to get it all fixed before my company comes from New Zealand, but I doubt it will so I'm not going to worry about that either.


I broke three nails today and my nails are hardly long enough to break and it's not even 9am wtf?


I have an errand to run before swimming and then the Big Fish appointment at 1. The Mariners are playing at 1.  If I'm lucky, I won't see or hear any score and can watch the full game when I get home.  That's what I'm shooting for anyway.
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