Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A... mazing

So last week when the dishwasher died, the lady at 1800 GE was amazingly wonderful.  Today the repairman comes and he checks a few things and tests that, indeed there is no water, and then takes the rack out and bangs on the center thing and turns it on and ... water.

He explained that today's dishwashers are so efficient that they do not get enough hot water to keep themselves flushed out. The center thing is a float that determines how much water is needed and it was stuck probably from gumming up due to not enough hot water.  Once he got it unstuck, it knew it needed water and voila! fixed.

I was delighted. I said 'let me get my credit card' and he said 'well, wait a minute. when did you get this?' and I said November of 2013.. no I mean 2012. and he said 'oh I think you meant 2013 - let's call this warranty work.'  And he did.  Saved me the $80 minimum charge.

Is there a happier camper??? I do not think so!!  Working dish washer AND the knowledge of how to fix it next time AND the lesson on be sure and run the hot water and set it to boost temperature before I turn it on and all will be good.


PLUS, now I know I don't even need to use it at all! Win win win win win
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