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Susan Dennis


During my swim last Saturday, I finally figured out a decent turn that enabled me to stay completely horizontal and swim non-stop. It's not the fancy flip turn that you see in the Olympics but it means I don't really stop when I get to the end of the lane and can just do a real continuous loop and keep on swimming without stopping.

This morning, at first, I couldn't remember how I did it.  But, soon figured it out.  It' makes for a tougher swim - the no stopping - but it is good.  I still don't think I could do a mile or even a half mile truly continuously. Well, maybe. Anyway, it was fun.

Today is Dishwasher Repair Day. Sometime between 1-5.  The email said someone would call to confirm the night before. Didn't happen. The appointment confirmation page says someone will call 30 minutes before they arrive. We.Shall.See.

I'm now thoroughly convinced that I can get along fine/better without a dishwasher which is very liberating. So whatever.

When I saw my doctor a month ago, he told me to cut back on both the aspirin and the vitamin D - take them every other day instead of every day.  It could be my imagination or my hopes and dreams but I swear by blood bruises are not as frequent and healing faster.  The giant one I got last Sunday is well on the way to no longer being there and I have one whole hand that has not a blemish on it.  Wow! Kewel!

And, I'm still not dead.

Tomorrow is a big day. The electrician is scheduled to be here first thing to swap out my ceiling lights. (He rarely shows when he says he will so I'm not counting on it but I will need to be up and dressed at 8 just in case.) Then there's swimming at 11 and then I'm off to Big Fish Games to do some testing.  Should be fun.

This is from my brother's shop web cam. It is not an uncommon sight. His dog likes to be the first to greet a new customer but there's a bell on the door so she doesn't need to actually keep eyes on to get the job done.

Screenshot 2014-06-16 at 9.54.15 AM

She cracks me up.
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