Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm happily watching the baseball game - at my usual pace of about 30 minutes behind the real time action.  Ann, who knows very well that this is how I watch, comes in to say 'did you see that great game tying play???'

Way to spoil my viewing, Ann, thank you. Thanks for all the other times you've done this and I've specifically pointed out how I'd really like you to NOT do that.  PLEASE.

Oh that's right. Sorry. I forget.

She wanted to know if I wanted to go to Costco.  No thank you, I'm watching the baseball game.

I will never want to do anything, including and specifically talk to you, whenever there is a baseball game on and for 30 minutes thereafter.  Got it?


Edit later.  I like to keep my door unlocked so she just comes on in. When she did it once every couple of weeks, it was great cause it meant I didn't have to get up and walk all the way down the hall to answer the door.  But now that she's in here every day and often several times a day, it's no longer ok.  So new rule is door is locked at all times when I am home unless I am mentally ready for a visit, at which time I'll prop the door open.  She has a key so if they thinks I'm dead she can call the police like yesterday's friend or unlock the door.  I feel better already.
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