Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Ann just came by and turns out the whole Ron/neurologist conversation/decision happened this morning and not yesterday.  And she's actually gathering her ducks.  She asked a couple of very reasonable 'should I do xxx' questions.  She cried a little but she really seemed to kind of have it more together than I would have guessed.  Her neighbor across the hall set her up with a great service here in town that handles end of life services (cremation, death notices, social security stuff, etc.) and she was very grateful to know that she didn't have to worry about that stuff.  Tija got Netflix to put her account on hold.  I agreed with her plan to hire our friend, Jeff to handle the estate or find someone to handle it if he can't/won't.  It sucks but it could suck more.


In concert with Ron's dying, the dishwasher dying and the rain in my living room, my $200 Keurig coffee maker - which I love - is sputtering. I cleaned it all out and descaled it and still... it used to spit out a cup of joe in under a minute. Now it takes 2. What's next, 5??!! How can someone live like that?  I checked online and their website says my warranty expired on June 3 of this year. Of course it did.

But, I figured I'd call them and see if there was a revival technique I could try. The nice lady took my serial number and looked it up and told me, contrary to what the website says, my warranty is still valid.  She's sending me a new coffee maker!!!


I never heard of CMT's Crossover program but this latest one has Kacey Musgraves and Katy Perry on it and it's quite fun. I've told TiVo to get more, silvousplease.
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