Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Ann came in about 5 to get me to come turn her TV volume on. After the painters working there yesterday left, she couldn't get the sound on so she called the building manager. Today it happened again but she couldn't find the building manager so she was in my living room. I know from previous calls for help that their TV setup is monstrously convoluted. Ron set it up and only he knows how to operate it. I told her I'd take a look but I was not hopeful.

She is clueless on a good day and today was not a good day. While I'm trying to figure out which one of the 5 remotes handles what, she was trying to tell me that the power strip - that long white thing - was not on and this light was not supposed to be on and that light looked like it was broken and on and on and on.  I gave it a good shot but gave up and suggested she go knock on Michael's door.  (The work she was having done was home owners work managed by Michael. Ordinarily, he's not in charge of TV volume.)

I came back home and thought about it and had a couple of other ideas so I went back. Her door was ajar and I knocked and she said to come in and she had melted. Sobbing. She had called the neighbor across the hall and he was coming over. Bradley was right on my heels. He recognized some of the setup and seemed to think he could make it work. Ann revived and said that she could listen to the game on the radio.  Bradley and his wife will figure out something.

I left them to it. Ugh. She needs help. I am not the person to help but she really does need someone to come take care of her. If Ron recovers, he will not be home for many many months. She can't manage on her own that long. The sound on the tv is just the tip of a really ugly iceberg.

I cannot understand how someone in this century can build a life so dependent on another person that they cannot function or watch TV on their own. But, then, I've never really clicked into the magic that coupling is for most people.  I can't imagine depending on another person or having anyone dependent on me. But, I do understand the frustration of no sound on my TV. I've also melted down over technology issues.

I'm sad for Ann, I'm sad that I'm not the kind of person who can help her. Over all the whole thing just makes me sad.


Ann just called. Bradley got the sound on. Yeah!
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