Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Prepare for the worst...

I've always been a plan/prepare for the worst kinda gal. If I can get mentally and emotionally prepared for the worst case scenario, when it turns out not to be that bad, I'm a happy camper.

So the leak guy - Adam - came and looked and found more leakage outside on the terrace than I had even discovered.  I had found more inside but now that he's been up on the ladder and sussed it out, it's not as bad, we think, as suspected and it's very similar to successfully fixed problems in other units.

One thing I was instantly worried about as we get into Summer, was the light through that top window. The stained glass is beautiful and blocks the light. Without it, early morning sun fries my living room with a heat that never dissipates.  Adam says since he needs to cover the leaking area with a plastic bladder, he'll add a translucent window treatment.  Whew.

Anyway, he's on the case. It won't be a fast fix, but, he sounds like he totally gets what a bummer it is and so will make sure the bummation is as minimal as possible.

I cannot ask any more than that. See? happy camper!

This is why I live in a condo. Yeah my living room is a mess and it rains inside but all I had to do was contact the resident manager and he got Adam and Adam will fix and all will be fine and I will not have to do much of anything but be patient. Not my strength but way easier than being an emergency general contractor!


Now we have a verdict. The terrace of the unit upstairs is the perp.  Michael has terrace redoing guys on site now working on another unit and he thinks they may be able to get to the one above me early next week.  Adam is going to block out my sun in the meantime.  Once the terrace upstairs gets fixed then fixing my place back will be, I think, pretty minimal. And then we can rehang the stained glass and all will be fine again. Whew.

And all three cupboards are done. I have a small load for the Goodwill.  I took some down to the free shelf in the garage - I made two trips and the first stuff was gone when I got there with the second batch.  I have space to burn in all three cupboards.  Seriously!  The blender is out on the terrace next to the mixer and the knife sharpener. All easy to see, easy to get to.

Now, there's a productive day for you!!!  And, it's not even 2:20 in the p.m.


I heard from my Kiwi friends. They leave New Zealand a week from today. They go to Canada for 2 weeks and then they will be here. I had totally forgotten they are not flying here. They are taking the ferry from Victoria. This means they will not be airport weary or jetlagged or even tired when they get here at 2. Sounds like a perfect time for a ferris wheel ride (just down from the ferry dock) to start the visit!
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