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Every day (except Sunday) I get into the pool and swim a mile. BUT... some days it is a bit of a struggle. I check my lap counter like I used to check the clock at school...  Other days, it's not a slog, it is just a nice swim.  But, some days it's kind of magical. Today was a magical day. My Shuffle was set to shuffle but decided no to.  It played only Susan Boyle.  So I swam along with her singing to me with a background of my own soft bubbles. I had a lane to myself and I just lost myself in the soft water with the serenade and the rhythmic stroking - back and forth and back and forth. It was just wonderful.

Today's project is two of my kitchen cupboards - maybe 3. I need to pull everything out and donate, toss, move to the terrace storage and then rearrange the rest. I have a lot of space in that kitchen that is just not used well at all. And those three cabinets are the worst. So today that gets fixed.

Oh. wait. late breaking news.... it's raining in my living room.

My next sentence was going to be about what a lovely cloudy rainy day we were having. But I kept hearing this kind of regular pinging. I thought maybe Zoey was behind the green chair grooming. And then she walked to the front of the room and the pinging didn't stop.  And then I noticed water on the table and then I noticed it was raining on ME!

I got the resident manager and we took down the stained glass windows.  And lo and behold, behind them in the transom window insert, there is clearly a lovely leak that runs across the window insert. Above my ceiling is the terrace of the unit upstairs.  He looked up there and could see no obvious issues. But it is now coming down from the actual ceiling - away from the window.  It's not a torrent... just drops. But, ugh.

On the up side, it's not my problem. The cause is the home owners association's concern. So the fix is theirs. The ceiling fix guy - Adam - is coming by today to work on another roof leak so Michael (the building manager) said he would send him in here. I now have the stained glass safely down and plastic on the floor. Oh joy. Oh yuck.  The idea of having my living room torn up for weeks on end does not make me happy.

Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. Guess I'll go sort out those cupboards.
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