Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

an interesting side effect

In the early 1970's, I went to work as a sales rep for IBM. When I got my first bonus, I ran to Sears, cash in hand and bought my first dishwasher. When I was delivered, the sink was overflowing with dirty dishes.  I've never once been without a dishwasher since.  Until yesterday's Death of the Dishwasher.  

I am amazed at how horrible it is not.  Turns out, 1. I don't need to dirty 45 dishes to make a meal and 2. washing dishes by hand as I go, is not burdensome at all. I wash the few I use and put them away before I dirty any more. With the dishwasher, I used a lot of dishes and just stacked up dirty ones by the sink near the dishwasher. I usually didn't put them into the dishwasher right away because the clean ones were still in there and emptying the dishwasher and loading it again was a PIA. And so the kitchen sink was always a mess of soaking and other dishes.

No more.  The kitchen is tidy and I could put away all of the dishes that are out drying right now, in about 4 arm motions.

So washing dishes by hand, is easier and tidier than using the dishwasher! For one person anyway. Amazing. We might have a new habit here. I'm going to go ahead and get the dishwasher fixed, or at least looked at. $250 is my limit. If the fix is $250 or less, I get it fixed. If not. I may just let it stay broken.


While researching something else today, I stumbled over an announcement by Harmony. They announced support for Roku and FireTV. They always said the remote worked with Roku and it never did. There are two hours of my life on the phone with their not-at-all helpful support people before I just gave up.  But, today, after I read that, I tried again and BAM! It worked immediately. With both the Roku and the FireTV. Kewel!

Also Amazon started up their streaming music service. Free with my Prime Membership. I tried it out this afternoon and in the car and it was great - worked faster than Google's streaming service, even. So I cancelled Google. Google cost me $132 a year. Prime - even with the price increase is only $99.  And includes a whole lotta other stuff. No brainer.

Now I need to write an NFC tag for the car to turn the phone on and then the music when I get in automagically.  The tags I have don't have enough bits to do the job. I'd have to write 2 different ones and make sure to beep the phone in the right order. Easier to turn it on and start the music manually.  I ordered tags with more capacity today. $6 for a pack of 'em. Totally worth it.
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