Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Now, that's some fine customer service...

So... I ran the dishwasher again and it's just not getting any water. None. That's probably why the dishes aren't getting clean. Just a guess, I'm not a professional.

BUT I know some. I have this great repair place. I love them. They have a tracker. The day of the service call you can watch YOUR very own repair person as he goes from call to call until he gets to you. It's fabulous. The last time he was here was November of 2012. He declared my dishwasher dead. I asked him what he would buy for a replacement, if he were me and wanted just basic washing of dishes. He said he'd get a cheap GE. They work great and are easy to fix with parts available everywhere.

So I march down to my appliance store down the street and buy a 'cheap' GE for $693 - delivered, installed and the old one taken away.

That cheap GE is now the broken one. I called the repair place to get them to come fix and was told THEY DON'T service GE's!! WTF???? Color me way not happy.

I called the appliance store and got a really nice guy who told me to call 1800GECares. Right. I'm sure they freakin' care. Oh I was pissed. Very pissed.

I call. I get a woman with a severe southern accent. And my prejudice born of years of living there kicked in - oh fuck, this is going to be as bad as I thought.

But, then, I realized that she had not asked me one stupid question and responded to each of mine with care and good answers and some humor. I gave her my name and zip code she had all of my data. I did not have to spell out or repeat anything. She asked if I wanted email confirmation and I had the email with all the info in it before we hung up. She turned out to be terrific and efficient and sweet and funny and I turned from a pissed off sour puss to a happy customer.

Her email had a 'tell us how we did button' so I did.  Kind of a nice finish.

She asked at the end if there was anything else she could do and refused to come over and wash my dishes between now and Monday but I didn't really think I could take points off for that.
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