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Chef Anita is in the kitchen cheffing.  We settle, ahead of time, what she is to make that day. Then, when she comes, she brings a suggested menu list for next time. Then she fills up the house with wonderful cooking smells.  So, from the moment I wake up until dinner, I stay voraciously hungry. Usually, I've been eating my own cooking for a week or so and am ready for real food anyway. And, lunch is always an issue. I don't want to get in her way so I just grab something easy out of the fridge.

But, dinner, I know will be marvelous and delicious and something to really look forward to.

Something not to look forward to is a maybe broken dishwasher. I loaded it up last night and stuck in a packet of Cascade and turned it on and it ran as usual. This morning I went to empty it and discovered that the packet was not completely dissolved and the dishes were barely touched - well maybe the crud was a little more baked on than it had been.  WTF?  The thing takes so long to complete it's cycle that I didn't have time to run it this morning before Anita was due.  So I'll turn it on this afternoon and see if it fails again. This is not something with which I want to fuck. But, I washing dishes by hand is not my idea of fun.

I have a cough that is not disappearing like I'd like it to. It's an irritant cough that gets in the way of my breathing. Plus the more I cough the more irritated my cougher will get and that will make me cough. GRRRRRRR  I do have magic anti cough pills. They tranquilize the cougher and I think a lot of their magic is psychosomatic but whatever works. And I'm keeping a bottle of water next to me always for sipping. I'm ready for it to be gone but that's what I said yesterday. Sigh.

I got my domain names all ported over to the new registrar pretty much without incident. It took the 5 days because the old registrar is a meany pants and the old registrar is still showing they have them but whois shows they are at the new place. So... done.

Which means time to tidy up the Daddy List.

When my father died, my Mom handed me document - 3 pages - typed out neatly and in order - that my father had kept up religiously.

It listed all family members with their birthdates and social security numbers.
All his bank accounts with account numbers.
All his insurance accounts with account numbers.
The names and telephone numbers of his banker, his lawyer, his insurance guy and a couple of more people I can't even remember.

In short, this was everything we needed to know about his personal business and it was a godsend. I actually still have the document and used it just a month or so ago to get my brother's social security number.

But it also served as a guideline for me. And I made up my own Daddy List and even call it that.  It lives on Google Drive in the cloud with copies on all computers and is shared out with my brother.

It has all the information he'll need if something happens to me. Bank and other financial account info, passwords, bullets and lists of all the details of my life. I've religiously kept it up.  There are also two companion docs - Other Important Stuff (appliance serial numbers, and purchase dates, etc) - and Websites (host, domain name registrars, passwords, etc).  I've kept them up as well.

When I went in to make the latest change, I realized that it was time for a refresh. I need to clean up stuff and reorganize it.  When I die, my brother will not need to know the home phone number of the guy I last worked for 2 years ago.

So that's today's project. Clean up and reorganize and consolidate everything into Daddy List 2.0.

And in the middle of that, I'll go swimming. Oh and make a library drop off. 
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