Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My brother is ok with cancelling CES which is a huge relief.  I cancelled the hotel reservation.  That deposit will go a long way towards financing Plan B. The Encore Hotel is one pricey booger even with the CES discount.

Now I'm conjuring on Plan B. Which will happen over Thanksgiving. Probably leaving Wednesday and returning Friday. My current plan is Canada - a PIA in terms of cellphone data, BUT wins over anything in the U.S. cause I won't have to worry about stuff being closed.

So I'm thinking about staying at the Residence Inn on Hornby - . I've stayed there before and it's lovely and friendly and has a pool - a small one but it will work.

And eating at La Brasserie - - it's not a far walk from the hotel and it's amazingly delicious.

That's the current pan and I'm glad to have a plan. I also have some viable backup plans. And, if Thanksgiving works out, I will for sure replicate - possibly a different venue - for Christmas.


I spent some time today on the Washington State Health plan website, trying to opt out. This is not easy as I'm not 'in' and there's no 'out' anyway. It's going to require another phone call which I'm sure as hell not making on a Monday. Maybe tomorrow afternoon.  I'm going to call one more time and then I really am going to give up. It feels so wrong to have the state paying my bill but getting them to stop feels impossible.  If I can't stop it now, maybe at next year's enrollment time or when I start drawing social security, I can trigger a stop.
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