Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning, while I swam I revisited the CES trip in January and decided I didn't want to go. I decided that I'd rather expend my travel energies in other ways. I'd like to find a hotel in downtown Portland that has a lap pool and visit there. I might even try for the same in Vancouver. The city pools close on Thanksgiving and the day after so I'm thinking of checking into the fancy hotel in Bellevue that has a lap pool connected to it and fine dining.

I sent my brother a note this morning asking if he'd be crushed if I bailed this year. I suspect he will not. I'm glad to have the decision made if only in my mind.

The Mariner game is this morning. In an hour. I love when we play on the East Coast.

I got a request to do a Google user test that pays $450 in gift cards. It's an on site plus an at home/office test. I'm very intrigued but assume that being old and female will exclude me :(  I got an invite today for a possible Big Fish game test. They like old and female BUT they are pretty facebook-y, too, so I'm guessing my NO to 'do you like Facebook games' will knock me out of that one.

Oh well. I am thinking about signing up for Microsoft usability studies again. I love using my opinions!!
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