Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have an hour before the I leave for the pool. After my swim there may be breakfast at Denny's or I may come on home and make it myself. The baseball game is an afternoon game. So, in other words, just a normal, nothing much going on day.

Which is fine by me.


Neighbor Ann came by yesterday afternoon. Ron is still in the coma. She's not clear on what's going on but it sounds like it's still an induced coma. She calls 3 times a day for updates. And, apparently, is getting some flack from the staff and her friends that she does not sit by his side for hours at a time. Or maybe she's reflecting some guilt she feels. I don't know. I listen and nod and, honestly, hope she won't stay long and she usually doesn't.


I'm a little obsessed by the Medicare drug coverage donut hole. My drugs are covered - except a teensy copay -  up to almost $2,850 and then I pay 45% of the cost until the bill for the year gets to $4550 and then they are free to me. I don't know what cost basis they are using for my drugs so I can't find out when/if I hit the hole and/or come out from it.  AARP has a lovely calculator. You plug in your insurance policy and the drugs you take and, supposedly, they noodle it all out for you. But, their data is totally fucked up.  According to their data, I should have paid $4,874 this month for the drugs I paid $12.60 for.  The reality is that l will likely have to pay $1,700 for them sometime this year. That's actually the worst case scenario so that's what I'm planning for.  I may well get concrete info when the insurance company sends me my Explanation of Benefits statement. These only come once a money and by snail mail. Frustratingly, the info is not available online.

And, there's  a huge possibility that I am way off on my expectations because I don't understand a key piece of something.


I haven't felt top notch for the past couple of days but so far, today, things feel much better.
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